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Web Developer Job Description

If you have a company and you want to hire employees, then you will need a very straight forward web developer job description. Here I am gonna show you a sample job description format that you can implement for the new Hiring process.

First of all, before going to the format, know why you need a job description? So Job Description is necessary for what qualities do you want in any Employee and what kind of hope you expect from that Employee is all shown in a job description in the form of job responsibilities and required skills.

Let's take an example like you need a web content developer in your company, you will write in your job description that you want excellent writing quality in that web content developer. So I hope you have understood the meaning of job description.

Let us now see a format of web developer job description, which mainly consists of three steps given below. Step 1: First, of all you have to give a little description of your company and what kind of developer you need. This section is marked as a Job Post Summary. Step 2: Now in this, you have to tell the responsibilities of your employee as a web developer. This section is marked as Job Responsibilities & Duties. Step 3: Now in this, you have to tell what will be required skills from an employee. This section is marked as Required Job Skills. Step 4: you can tell about salary for a web developer or you can skip this step. This section is marked as Salary Disclosure.

Company Introduction

Web InfoTech is a multinational B2B Web Developing company where we provide software solutions for our clients. Our company headquarter is located in California. We believe in innovating ideas and always ready to work on new innovative projects.

Job Description

Multi-National Company Web InfoTech is looking for a skilled web developer who can handle the back end of our client's website and must be a good communicator who can strengthen the relationship with our foreign clients.

Web Developer Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Responsible for Maintenance of our client's website.
  2. Have to Create The front end of the website in clean HTML, CSS, and Javascript code.
  3. Responsible for Database Backup on our website.
  4. Have to make Quality Customers.
  5. Have to meet international clients.
  6. Responsible for the Sales Generation of our software product by promotion on variance online platforms.
  7. Innovative software ideas will have to be brought
  8. Have to optimize the Website from time to time so that the customer does not have to face any problems.
  9. Have to solve bug problems from the company's software from time to time.
  10. Responsible for the company's revenue performance.

Required Job Skills

  1. Should be available full time.
  2. Should be ready for the night ship.
  3. Should have all the team leader qualities.
  4. Required at least 4 years of experience in web development.
  5. Must be a good English communicator.
  6. Must be expert in dealing with clients
  7. Should have an excellent grasp on HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and PHP
  8. Problem Solving skills should be good.
  9. Required a Degree or certificate in web development.
  10. Should be an expert in the Integration of API.


Best in industry

Tips to hire Employee fast

If you want to hire employees fast, then you can do this in just 5-minutes! Yes, there are just some simple steps to build a web developer job description online. Here you can post your Job Requirements and the time duration in which you want to hire employees. I am talking about indeed.com.

Which has almost an audience of 300 million users so you can post your job ad there so that you can get the best employees in one place without much effort. In Indeed there is an inbuilt job description builder that will build your best suitable job description in just 5-minutes or less. It has almost all country user data, which means if you want to hire employees in Africa then you can do it. Indeed charges some fees for job posting like $36 per day.